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Welcome to Dutt's Research Group Website

  • DRG lunch outing May 2017

  • Dr. Park Final Defense
  • DRG BBQ gathering.

  • Congratulations! Prof. Dutt is appointed as ACM fellow.
  • DRG at ESWEEK 2016

  • 2015 DRG and CARL group Laurel Canyon Loop hike
  • 2015 UCI Commencement: Abbas graudated
  • 2014 Year-end Lunch Outing-1
  • 2014 Year-end Lunch Outing-2
  • Alfonso's Farewell Lunch - 07/14/2014
  • Yukio's Farewell Lunch - 01/28/2014
  • DRG Pre-Thanksgiving Lunch 2013
  • DRG & CARL Joint Lunch on Oct. 31, 2013
  • DAC 2013 - Austin
  • Trent's Farewell Lunch - 11/30/12
  • Summer, 2012
  • DAC 2012 - San Francisco
  • Dec. 2012


Prof. Dutt's research group has various efforts in the area of embedded systems and computer-aided design, with a specific focus on the exploration, evaluation and design of domain-specific embedded systems spanning both software and hardware. His group has developed a novel architectural description language that facilitates rapid exploration of programmable embedded systems, as well as automatic generation of software toolkits supporting embedded systems development (including optimizing compilers and simulators). Other projects within his group include cross-layer design and optimization of reliable, distributed embedded systems, memory architecture exploration for embedded systems, and brain-inspired architectures and computing.

News and Announcements

Latest News:

  • [June'17] A warm welcome to Prof. Bruno Zatt from ederal University of Pelotas (UFPel), Brazil who is spending his Sabbatical at DRG
  • [Jan'17] Amir Mahdi and Majid's paper “QuARK: Quality-configurable Approximate STT-MRAM Cache by Fine-grained Tuning of Reliability-Energy Knobs” got accepted to ISLPED17
  • [October'16] A warm welcome to Amir Mahdi Hosseini Monazzah from Sharif University in Iran who is spending his Sabbatical at DRG
  • [September'16] A warm welcome to Dr. Amir Rahmani from TU Wien (Austria), as a prestigious Marie-Curie Foundation Fellow at DRG
  • [September'16] A warm welcome to Prof. Hiroyuki Tomiyama from Ristumeikan University in Japan in who is spending his sabbatical at DRG
  • [August'16] Hossein and Donny's paper “On Detecting and Using Memory Phases in Multimedia Systems” got accepted to Estimedia 2016
  • [August'16] Kasra and Roger's paper “HAMEX: Heterogeneous Architecture and Memory Exploration framework” got accepted to RSP 2016
  • [August'16] Hossein and Donny's paper “Runtime SPM Management for Memory-intensive Applications in Embedded Many-cores” got accepted to TECS
  • [July'16] Tiago and Donny's paper “SPARTA: Runtime task allocation for energy efficient Hhterogeneous many-core” got accepted to CODES+ISSS 2016
  • [July'16] A warm welcome to Prof. Antônio Augusto Fröhlich from UFSC in Brazil in who is spending his sabbatical at DRG
  • [August'15] A warm welcome to Prof. MyungKeun Yoon from Kookmin University in who is spending his sabbatical at DRG
  • [June'15] Tiago and Santanu's paper “Run-DMC: Runtime dynamic heterogeneous multicore performance and power estimation for energy efficiency” got accepted to CODES+ISSS 2015

Older Events:

  • [February'15] Abbas's paper “Protecting Caches Against Multiple Bit Upsets Using Embedded Erasure Coding” got accepted to ETS 2015
  • [January'15] Santanu and Tiago's paper “SmartBalance: A Sensing-Driven Linux Load Balancer for Heterogeneous MPSoCs” got accepted to DAC 2015
  • [November'14]: Santanu's paper titled “CyberPhysical-System-On-Chip (CPSoC) : A Self-Aware MPSoC Paradigm with Cross-Layer Virtual Sensing and Actuation” got accepted to DATE 2015
  • [September'14]: Santanu's paper titled “Cross-Layer Exploration of Heterogeneous Multicore Processor Configurations” got accepted to VLSI Design 2014
  • [September'14]: Mohammad joined DRG as new PhD student
  • [August'14]: A warm welcome to Prof. Sung-Soo Lim from Kookmin University in Korea who is spending his sabbatical for the 2nd time at DRG
  • [August'14]: Jurn-Gyu and Roger's paper titled “Quality-aware Mobile Graphics Workload Characterization for Energy-efficient DVFS Design” got accepted to ESTIMedia 2014
  • [July'14]: Congratulations to Abbas for winning 2014 Yahoo! Best Dissertation Student Award for his research on “resilient on-chip memory design for many-cores in the nano-era”
  • [November'13]: Santanu's paper titled “Minimal Sparse Observability of Complex Networks: Application to MPSoC Sensor Placement and Run-time Thermal Estimation & Tracking” got accepted to DATE 2014
  • [October'13]: Prof. Dutt will deliver keynote on “Scaling the Many-Memory Wall for Many-Core Architectures” at SASIMI 2013 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
  • [September'13]: Tiago joined DRG as new PhD student
  • [September'13]: Prof. Dutt gives ECE Eminent Scholar Lecture on “Memory Management for Many-Core Architectures” at Texas A&M
  • [August'13]: A warm welcome to Prof. Yukio Mitsuyama from Kochi University of Technology in Japan who is spending his sabbatical at DRG
  • [August'13]: A warm welcome to Prof. Alfonso Avila from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico who is spending his sabbatical at DRG
  • [August'13]: A warm welcome to Juan González from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico who is visiting DRG for a one month research stay
  • [July'13]: Roger joined DRG as new PhD student
  • [June'13]: Majid's paper titled “ARGO: Aging-aware GPGPU Register File Allocation” got accepted to CODES+ISSS 2013
  • [May'13]: Abbas's paper titled “REMEDIATE: A Scalable Fault-tolerant Architecture for Low-Power NUCA Cache in Tiled CMPs” got accepted to IGCC 2013
  • [May'13]: Prof. Dutt will deliver keynote on “Outlook for Many-Core Systems: Cloudy with a Chance of Virtualization” at ETS 2013
  • [March'13]: Congratulations to Danny for winning the Best Interactive Presentation Award for his paper “VaMV: Variability-aware Memory Virtualization” at DATE 2012
  • [March'13]: Prof. Dutt is organizing a DATE 2013 Friday Workshop on “Neuromorphic and Brain-Based Computing Systems” (NeuComp 2013) in Grenoble, France
  • [February'13]: Santanu will present “Cyberphysical-System-On-Chip (CPSoC): A Self-Aware Design Paradigm with Cross-Layer Virtual Sensors and Actuators” in WIP session of DAC 2013
  • [February'13]: Hossein's paper titled “VAWOM: Temperature and Process Variation Aware WearOut Management in 3D Multicore Architectures” got accepted to DAC 2013
  • [February'13]: DRG members bid farewell to Prof. Gu-Min Jeong
  • [December'12]: Jun's paper titled “Vision-inspired Global Routing for Enhanced Performance and Reliability” got accepted to ISQED 2013
  • [November'13]: Abbas's paper titled “Modeling and Analysis of Fault-tolerant Distributed Memories for Networks-on-Chip” got accepted to DATE 2012
  • [September'12]: Danny's paper titled “Variability-Aware Memory Management for Nanoscale Computing” got accepted to ASP-DAC 2013
  • [September'12]: Jurngyu and Majid joined DRG as new PhD students
  • [June'12]: Abbas's paper titled “A Novel NoC–based Design for fault-tolerance of Last-level Caches in CMPs” got accepted to CODES+ISSS 2012
  • [June'12]: Danny's paper titled “ViPZonE: OS-Level Memory Variability-Driven Physical Address Zoning for Energy Savings” got accepted to CODES+ISSS 2012

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