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DRG 101

You can find useful tips for use of DRG resource!

DRG Server

1. Use sshfs instead of samba to access your remote files from your local computer

# mount sshfs
sshfs -o idmap=user your_user_account@target_server_name:/your/target/directory /where/you/want/to/mount
# unmount sshfs
fusermount -u /where/you/want/to/mount

2. DNS service doesn't work?
One suspect is NetworkManager service which is usually used by laptop to update /etc/resolv.conf.
To solve this problem, we make our own /etc/resolv.conf and disable the service by the following command, then reboot.

# Disable it from starting at boot time
sudo /sbin/chkconfig NetworkManager off

2. Mount ICS/RAID storage under your home directory on DRG server.

Storage Space

(1) Home directory Every account gets 10GB quota for his home directory. Generally, it is backed up monthly and eventually copied to tape. Snapshot is created daily and there are couple of hourlies. You can access them in your home directory “~/.snapshot”. Your home directory is also available at “\\samba.ics.uci.edu\<your_account>”.

(2) DRG local storage space You can access DRG local storage by “/scratch”. It is 3.6TB in total and it is not backed up. It's shared by all accounts.

(3) Raid storage space The correct size of raid storage is 1TB, but not 2TB. You can access it through the path “/extra/<your_account>0”. There is one exception for the account santanus who should use “/extra/santanus1”. The space is also available at “\\samba.ics.uci.edu\<your_account>0”.