Group Members


Nikil Dutt
Distinguished Professor of CS, Cognitive Sciences, and EECS, UC Irvine
Embedded Systems, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Computer Architecture and Compilers, Distributed Systems, Healthcare IoT, Computational Self-awareness, and Brain-inspired Architectures and Computing
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PhD Students

Sina Labbaf

Embedded Systems, IoT, Health Care

Saehanseul Yi

Embedded System Design, Parallel Computing, Heterogeneous System, Machine Learning

Khuong Vo

Healthcare IoT, Neurocognitive Modeling, Machine Learning

Kenneth Stewart

Neuromorphic Computing, Online and Continual Learning algorithms, Machine Learning, Edge Applications, Robotics

Ajan Subramanian

Health-care IoT, Machine learning, Embedded systems, Pain Assessment

Yong Huang

Healthcare IoT, Machine Learning

Tim Lui

Spiking Neural Networks, Neuromorphic Hardware, Brain Inspired Computing

Dongjoo Seo

Memory, File system optimization on Embedded system, HIoT, Reinforcement learning

Nitish Nagesh

IoT, Healthcare, Machine Learning, Food Computing

Ping-Xiang Chen

Storage Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Systems

Harrison Chase Espino

Neurorobotics, Machine Learning

Mahyar Abbasian

IoT healthcare, ML and Deep Learning, Robotics

Hamidreza Alikhani

Healthcare IoT, Machine Learning

Zhongqi Yang

Healthcare IoT, Machine Learning

Manoj Vishwanath

EEG Modeling and Analysis, Machine Learning

Rajat Bhattacharjya

Approximate Computing, Computer Architecture, VLSI Design, Wireless Communication, Healthcare IoT

Quang Anh Hoang

Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and Reconfigurable Computing

    Danny Abraham

    Embedded Systems, Machine Learning

    PhD Alumni

    Biswadip Maity (Software Engineer at Zoox)
    Caio Batista de Melo (Assistant Teaching Professor at NC State University)
    Sina Shahhosseini (Senior ML Engineer at Samsung's AI Systems R&D)
    Milad Asgari Mehrabadi (Senior Data Scientist at Capital One)
    Emad Kasaeyan Naeini (Applied Data Scientist at Microsoft)
    Kasra Moazzemi (Performance Analysis Engineer at NetApp)
    Hamid Nejatollahi (Cloud Performance Engineer at VMware)
    Delaram Amiri (Software Engineer at Microsoft)
    Bryan Donyanavard (Assistant Professor at San Diego State University)
    Chen-Ying Hsieh (Software Engineer at Google)
    Tiago Mück (Senior Research Engineer at ARM Research)
    Majid Shoushtari (Senior Software Engineer at Google)
    JurnGyu Park (Assistant Professor at Nazarbayev University)
    Hossein Tajik (Research Scientist at ‎Facebook)
    Santanu Sarma (Engineer at ‎Qualcomm)
    Michael Beyeler (Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara)
    Abbas Banaiyan-Mofrad (Wireless Digital Design Engineer at Apple)
    Jun Yong Shin (Senior Electrical Engineer at TruTouch Technologies, Inc.)

    Kazuyuki Tanimura (Technical Staff at BloomReach)
    Luis Bathen (Research Scientist at Intel Labs)
    Jayram Moorkanikara (‎Scientist at Brain Corporation)
    Aseem Gupta (Procurement Manager at Apple)
    Ashok Halambi (Engineer at Qualcomm)
    Gabor Madl (Senior Software Engineer at IBM Almaden Research Center)
    Kyoungwoo Lee (Associate Professor at Yonsei University)
    Minyoung Kim (Scientist at SRI International)
    Sudeep Pasricha (Professor at Colorado State University)
    Ilya Issenin (Chief Scientist at Teradek)
    Sudarshan Banerjee (Software Engineer at Denali Software)
    Nick Savoiu (Calypto Design Systems)
    Aviral Shrivastava (Professor at Arizona State University)
    Partha Biswas (Director at MathWorks)
    Mahesh Naga Mamidipaka (Engineer at Intel)
    Prabhat Mishra (Professor at University of Florida)
    Peter Grün (Engineer at ARM)
    Preeti Panda (Professor at IIT Delhi)
    Roger Ang (Callcomm Technologies)
    Pradip Jha (Engineer at Xilinx)

    Former Visitors

    Anil Kanduri (Senior Researcher at University of Turku)
    Dukyong Yoon (Senior Engineer at Samsung Electronics)
    Yongsoo Joo (Associate Professor at Kookmin University)
    Jong-Chan Kim (Professor at Kookmin University)
    Eberle A. Rambo (SoC Perf. Architect at Apple)
    Arman Anzanpour (PhD Candidate at University of Turku, Finland)
    Lei Yang (Assistant Professor at George Mason University)
    Luis Freire (Master Student at Tecnológico de Monterrey)
    Kenshu Seto (Assistant Professor at Tokyo City University)
    Flo Maurer (Master Student at Technical University of Munich)
    Bruno Zatt (Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Pelotas)
    Sung-Soo Lim (Associate Professor at Kookmin University)
    MyungKeun Yoon (Associate Professor at Kookmin University)
    André Luís del Mestre Martins (PhD student at PUCRS)

    Amir Mahdi Hosseini Monazzah (Assistant Professor at Iran University of Science and Technology)
    Hiroyuki Tomiyama (Professor at Ritsumeikan University)
    Alfonso Avila (Professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey)
    Hoyoung Hwang (Associate Professor at Hansung University)
    Yukio Mitsuyama (Associate Professor at Kochi University of Technology)
    Juan González (PhD Candidate at Tecnológico de Monterrey)
    Gu-Min Jeong (Associate Professor at Kookmin University)
    Gustavo Girao (PhD Candidate at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)
    Trent Chen-Kang Lo (Senior Software Engineer at Nvidia)
    Janmartin Jahn (PhD Candidate at Karlsruhe Intitute of Technology)
    Yuko Hara-Azumi (Assistant Professor at NARA Institute of Science and Technology)