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Self-Aware & Adaptive Computing

This series of projects introduce the notion of self-awareness in different topics and levels of abstraction. They include a range of memory adaptation to applications. Read more.

Health-Care IoT Projects

A series of projects around the subject of human health and interaction with wearable devices. Some subjects are related to pain, stress, maternity care, and IoT power management and communication. Read more.

Neuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic Computing. Read more.

Past Projects

  • MARS: Middleware for Adaptive Reflective Computer Systems
  • Hardware Accelerators: Domain-Specific Hardware Accelerators
  • SYSTEMLSI: Mobile GPU Synergistic Memory Optimizations and Energy-Efficient DVFS Policies for Graphics-Intensive Applications
  • SyNAPSE: Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics, in collaboration with Cognitive Anteater Robotics Laboratory (CARL)
  • Variability Expedition: Variability-Aware Software for Efficient Computing with Nanoscale Devices
  • CYPRESS: CYber-Physical RESilience & Sustainability
  • Dynamo: Power Aware Middleware for Distributed Mobile Computing
  • xTune: A Formal Methodology for Cross-layer Tuning of Mobile Real-time Embedded Systems
  • eCACTI: An Enhanced Power Estimation Model for On-chip Caches
  • COPPER: Compiler-Controlled Continuous Power-Performance Management
  • DREAM: Distributed Real-time Embedded Analysis Method
  • EXPRESSION: A Language for Architectural Exploration through Compiler/Simulator Retargetability
  • FORGE: A Framework for Optimization of Distributed Embedded Systems Software
  • SPARK: A Parallelizing Approach to the High-Level Synthesis of Digital Circuits