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Current Projects

IoCT-CARE: IoCT-CARE: Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare

Variability Expedition: Variability-Aware Software for Efficient Computing with Nanoscale Devices

  • Current PhD Students: Majid, Tiago
  • PhD Alumni: Danny, Abbas, Santanu, Hossein

SyNAPSE: Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics, in collaboration with Cognitive Anteater Robotics Laboratory (CARL)

  • Current PhD Student: Hirak
  • PhD Alumni: Jayram, Michael

Global Research Collaboration Project: Developing Core Technologies for Ultimately Reliable, Safe, and Secure Real-time Systems, in collaboration with Kookmin Embedded System Labs

  • Current PhD Student: Jurngyu, Roger

Samsung Project (SystemLSI): Mobile GPU Characterization, Synergistic Memory Optimizations and Energy-Efficient DVFS Policies for Graphics-Intensive Mobile Applications

  • Current PhD Student: Jurngyu

Past Projects (partial list)

CYPRESS: CYber-Physical RESilience & Sustainability

Dynamo: Power Aware Middleware for Distributed Mobile Computing

xTune: A Formal Methodology for Cross-layer Tuning of Mobile Real-time Embedded Systems

eCACTI: An Enhanced Power Estimation Model for On-chip Caches

COPPER: Compiler-Controlled Continuous Power-Performance Management

DREAM: Distributed Real-time Embedded Analysis Method

EXPRESSION: A Language for Architectural Exploration through Compiler/Simulator Retargetability

FORGE: A Framework for Optimization of Distributed Embedded Systems Software

SPARK: A Parallelizing Approach to the High-Level Synthesis of Digital Circuits